25 November 2015

Better To Own Something Than Be Owned By Someone: Knight

While reading a series, {most notably, Harry Potter and The Baby Sitters Club. I originally wrote that as Harry Potter and The Baby-Sitters Club, which, I have to imagine would make a terrible eighth book.} I'm always frustrated at the "previously on..."chapter that is a recap on the plot and characters for anyone who is jumping in at book four. But, now that I'm writing this series of posts, I feel the need to add the recap for those just joining us. So, here it is. {If you're like me and already know all about Claudia and Hermione, jump ahead to just below the ••••.}

One of the largest factors of trafficking in persons--especially in the developing world--is poverty. A lack of means to provide for their families leads people to accept employment offers that appear to be "too good to pass up", often at the expense of freedom and dignity.

If only 2% of trafficking victims are ever rescued (and 80% of those rescued will go on to be trafficked again), if a true count of victims is unknown (and seemingly unknowable) because the crime is so well-hidden, then the most promising solution must be prevention.

With a stable source of income, families and their children will never need to search for employment in places that may take advantage of them. And so, I've launched a program to provide business opportunities to local families. I believe it's better to own something than be owned by someone.


Welcome Back! And, You Made It!

If you've been following along, you may remember Knight from this post. In a passing conversation with Sammy one afternoon, Knight mentioned that she'd been dreaming of opening a hair salon. (Here in Kitale, they pronounce it hair saloon...which throws me every time.) When Sammy told me what Knight had said, I asked her to call and invite her to visit early the next week. She arrived Monday morning with a list of supplies necessary to build a thriving salon. 

Trinah was very excited to see her dad and step-mom--and even more excited to take pictures with them.

Every few months, Trinah goes to spend a weekend with her dad and Knight. Usually, she returns with an adorable new hairstyle done by Knight. So, having seen what she can do, I was excited to help her turn her skills in to a way to provide for her household. (Also, I have known Trinah's Dad, Peter, for just about ten years, so I love and care deeply about the health and well-being of this family.)

So, about a week after our first discussion about her dream of opening a salon, we brought Knight her very own blow dryer. I know it may not seem like much, but since customers bring all of their own pieces (hair extensions, combs, beads, rubber bands, etc.) a blow dryer is a huge step toward making a traveling salon a reality.  

Peter and Knight {and the creepy peeking baby}

I am so thankful to be part of making someone's dream come true. Thank you for your generous contributions which allow me to do so. I hope, through these photos and stories, you can see the way your donations are changing the lives of families all over Kitale.


If you would like to be part of changing the trajectory of the lives of these families--with a one-time gift of $30--you can do so in one of two ways:

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