15 October 2015

Two Quick Lists

I've been so caught up in posting stories and updates for others (read: my mother, grandfather, and an occasional friend or two) that I've forgotten to post the silly things that I want to remember. So, please bear with me as I indulge my inner documentarian over the next few days and post the things I want to remember when I'm old and gray.


1. Breakfast Burritos
2. Brussels Sprouts (!!!)
3. Cheeseburgers
4. Sunflower seed butter and green apple slices
5. Chinese food...specifically, Big Chopsticks
6. BBQ chicken salad
7. Sweet potatoes
8. Green Beans
9. Bagel Sandwiches
10. Cherry Coke

1. Singing in church at the top of my lungs (in the crowd or in the band)
2. Dance parties and dress-up with my high school girls
3. Swinging by my grandpa's, staying for dinner and a Jeopardy tournament
4. Laying on the floor in Jolene's room talking (and probably crying)
5. Making dinner (and baking dessert) for a table filled with friends
6. Swimming in the ocean
7. Tuesday afternoon phone calls
8. Spending an entire day (eating all of my meals, crafting, reading, watching TV) in bed
9. Wandering through Target, alone with my thoughts, and probably buying nothing
10. Having plans to meet a different friend each day of the week (I miss my people!)

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