18 October 2015

10 Things That Make Me Incredibly Happy

I stole this idea from a blogger I've been following for years...it was one of my favorite recurring posts, so I decided to adopt it as my own. And, though I've posted it at least three different times on my other blog, I've never made one for Kitale living, so here goes nothing.

ten things that make me incredibly happy:

1. the look in suzie's eyes when she grabs both of my cheeks and looks in to my eyes {glancing back and forth between them} laughs her growl-like laugh and smiles...it's almost like she's saying, "this is fun because i know you really love me...and i really love you too"

2. watching bramwel eat chicken and fries...and then ice cream {video to come}

3. the shouts of excitement and smiles of gratitude when someone is given the items to make his/her own business a reality

4. capturing a moment that i know i will want to remember for years to come in a photo...bonus: if i get to capture that moment for someone else

5. moses' squeal of joy sailing on top of all of the other excited cheers when our car pulls in to the compound

6. the "i was made for this" feeling

7. when a kid runs up with a favorite item of clothing that needs repairs...and a few days later when they're wearing the newly-mended item

8. making it through an entire conversation in swahili having understood everything that was said {and having only mixed up pronouns once or twice}

9. walking in to ruby deli and watching every employee turn, smile, and raise both hands to greet us

10. painting the nails of the house moms that work so hard all day {and make me special vegetables for dinner each night}...especially the look on their faces when i sit down on the ground to paint their toenails

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