14 August 2015

The One Where Bram Hugs A Mannequin...And Steve Arrives!

Wednesday began as it usually does, straight to the center to be swarmed by children! If you look closely, the white bandanna in the mix of those kids is Cynthia.

Bram and Male are two peas in a pod. They sit by each other at meals and nearly always ask for a photo together--Male always looking to Bram to see what the preferred facial expression is.

As I've mentioned, you're essentially handed a child as you walk through the gates...no one sits empty-handed! Here are Sarah with Mary, Toni with Bram...

And Jordan with Rael.

Oh, and Kevin with Mary and Cynthia with Dinah (who called for me to carry her when she saw me taking this photo.)

Sammy went to run a quick errand, so she took Male and Linah along for the ride. They clearly loved it.

It was Trinah's turn to head home for a visit. Trinah has mild cerebral palsy--she had surgery to extend her Achilles heel, and is doing physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in her hand, but her father has been sick for years (every few months, doctors tell him to prepare for the end) so it is best for all parties involved for her to live at the Precious Kids Center and go home for a visit every few months. Here is Trinah with her dad, Peter.

Alright, so that afternoon, Sammy had an appointment with a woman to meet a boy with autism who lives out in a village about half an hour outside of town. They are working on potential next steps for the boy's development. We pulled up at Discover to Recover and Sammy left the car in the yard (and me in their sitting room with some of my favorites) as they walked to visit this boy.

I was greeted by kids I have known for years and brought in to sit and watch an Indian movie while we waited for Sammy to return. Here's adorable Benja, who may rival Suzie for my all-time favorite.)

Bramwel's house is in that area, so Sammy brought him along in hopes of taking him to visit his mom for a little while. Unfortunately, we couldn't track her down, but Bram didn't seem to mind once we gave him this big soda, chicken, fries and vanilla ice cream for lunch. He LOVED it. After each bite, he would stick his fist in the air or point to the ceiling--almost in victory--proclaiming the goodness of his food...except for his first bite of ice cream, which resulted in a lot of blinking and a few nods, followed by "Mmmm! Sweet!" Needless to say, he kept the whole table entertained. (He also went to the bathroom after lunch and waved hello to--and hugged--the mannequins outside of one of the shops. Kid's a comedic genius.)

When we arrived back at the center, Lucy pulled me aside to read me a note she'd written. Her English is really impressive and her heart is something to be proud of. I really love this girl.

We made a big run to town, to stock our kitchen and Steve's, and then ran home to wait for Steve to call and say they'd arrived. When we heard they were about 10 minutes away, Sammy and I drove over to meet them at their house.

We walked them through the basics: how to take a hot shower, what to do in case of a blackout, and all of the breakfast options before letting them give in to the exhaustion of the day and go to sleep.

Sammy and I walked in to our house and were greeted by a group ready for a game of Five Crowns. (Told you it was a routine!) Unfortunately, part of the routine was for me to be beat by Jordan...every. time.

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