23 August 2015

Linah's A Budding Photographer And I'm Awesome At Jumping Rope (Post Titles Can Be Tough!)

Back at it! Wednesday was another beautiful day, so the mat went right back out front and was quickly filled with children. I love this shot...so many different personalities in one frame.

Late the night before, the girls had come home from the salon with brand new hairstyles. Linah has been growing out her hair and it was long enough to braid, so they let her choose her own new look. She is so proud of her bright magenta locks! She's been flipping her hair dramatically and spinning in circles so it will fly in the wind...it's really cute to watch how happy she is!

That morning, while the big kids were in class, I taught her how to use the digital camera. She took some great pictures of the day, and of the house. Thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

Male, Zippee, Junior and Bram.

Zippee and her mom, Alice

With Maureen and Moses

And some very important details of the house:

The plates

And toothbrushes for 37:

After impressing many a child with my jump-roping skills, (I'm not sure why, but they don't think I know how to do anything of the sort: jump rope, ride a bike, turn a cartwheel, etc. I've been able to show-off fairly easily! That is, until they ask me to have a foot race or a jumping contest...then I'll be in real trouble.) I enjoyed a cup of tea out back while the house moms sifted beans and Moses entertained us (and definitely himself!) with dances and a crab walk (which I'm still trying to catch on video.)

Maureen was at home for about ten days (her mom is one of the house moms) and just returned this week. It's great to have her back--she's such a mellow, smart and kind kid. I missed her!

Cyril has really come out of her shell recently. She's been wandering outside nearly everyday. This afternoon, she walked from the front yard all the way to the back--a huge feat for her!--to sit and hang out with us. I wanted to take a picture of her in this rad dress--I was calling her name, but she wouldn't turn so three house moms tried to help coax her in to looking at the camera--but she wouldn't budge, all she would do is peek out of the side of her eye and give a knowing smile.

That is, until Suzie tried to steal her spotlight--then she looked right at me, with a look of concern and irritation.

After lunch, Sammy loaded up the van with kids and we went to town to buy each of them new shoes. I wish I would have videoed the chaos and hilarity of all of these kids wandering through the store, digging through boxes, picking out shoes to match their own unique sense of style while the store clerks tried to keep eyes on fifteen kids rifling through their stock, and then attempted to total the purchase (on the palms of their hands) with all fifteen running back and forth to show Sammy, and each other, their choices. Finally, Sammy lined them up against the wall with their shoes out in front of them so the employee could walk down the line and add up each item (still on the palm of his hand.)

When we pulled back in to the center, Linah came running up to show off her pigtails, which Phoebe had put in while we were gone, and bright red lollipop. Doesn't she sort of look like she's trying to be a Spice Girl?

That night I made a stack of french toast for dinner and ate while finishing the posts about the week with the team (and watching TV.) I had forgotten how much I love writing and recapping all that I've experienced...it feels good to get back in the groove!

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Julie Hibbard said...

Get into the groove with the Spice Girl!!
I love reading your diary each day...and the photos are incredible story tellers themselves! Love the mat shot. And the picture of the 'kitchen'...and please tell me they all know which toothbrush is theirs...yikes.
I hope yours is in a separate cup!
I love you