12 July 2011

So Happy Together

Ryanne and I woke up Sunday morning excited to travel to Kitale.
The taxi driver picked us up from the hotel and one prop plane flight later, we were there!

Howie came and got us from the airstrip and we met his family and the Saddleback team (about 30 people) for lunch in town.

Isaiah ordered fish, which came with the eyeballs
Ryanne and I ran to the grocery store and then came home to unload some dirty clothes (which, thankfully, we don't have to hand wash ourselves!) before heading for dinner at the Oasis Girl's House.

They were so happy to open their home to us! We rolled and ate chapati and green grams (my favorite!), some potatoes and rice...and, of course, sodas. We danced, sang, played Concentration (they were calling it Conservation) and took a ton of photos (until the battery ran out).

Ryanne and Christine
Ryanne and I rolling chapati for dinner
Alice and Sarah with the puppies
Rael and Hellen with their sodas
Alice's dance moves
Dorcas showing off the bedroom
And the puppies (again)
Christine, Sarah and Hellen
We had so much fun with the girls.
And ate until we could hardly move.

When we came home, the team was hanging out in the living room, so we sat and laughed for a few hours before bed.

Only 15 hours in and I'm already reminded why I love this place so much.

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