12 July 2011

Say Goodbye...

Our final day in Nairobi began SUPER early with breakfast, packing up and then a safari.
We saw animals. There are no pictures of them here...
Josh was equally as interested in the drive as I was
After our game drive and a big lunch, we met our Kenya team members in town and went shopping at the Maasai market. I'm sure the vendors are excited when they see a bus filled with American teenagers unload at the gate.

Show me what you bought today!
We had a few hours to kill between shopping and the flight, so we headed back to the hotel and played card games, painted nails and relaxed.
Preparing to say goodbye to new friends

Ezekiel came to pick us up...our last ride with him, so we had to take a few photos.
On the way to the airport

Pastor Frank saying "It's the last time we'll be together"
Unloading the bags...and then the tears began
Lots of hugs...lots of tears

I had to (literally) drag a few of the Kenyans away from the Americans...no one was ready to say goodbye.
Ryanne and I stayed behind for another week in Kitale.
It's MUCH easier to get back on the bus with friends than to say goodbye at the gate!

They dropped us at the hotel, with a promise to join us for lunch on the way back from Kitale next Sunday. We are so happy to be here, but also excited to see them again!

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