12 July 2011

Let's Hear It For The Boy(s)

Eager to be back at Oasis on Monday morning, Ryanne and I left before the rest of the house and walked over to the compound.

Just in time for parade

Then I stood with Etao for a while. He thought I was staying through August and got a little misty-eyed when he heard we are leaving on Sunday. His tears, of course, made me cry...so we just stood, holding hands, in silence. I love him.
Ryanne and Etao
Manu and Joseph did interviews for the newer kids
Augustus, Dorsa and Jennifer
Hezekiah and Lohman

Joel (Korode: pronounced "Core-oh-day")
Hezekiah, Sammy, and Brian

We ran ran in to Cyril on the way home
We had arranged to visit the Boys House 3 for dinner.

David and Phabius
Ryanne rolling chapati with Caroline

John, Kamau, Phabius and Wiki
Kamau and Phabius
Mama Caroline


Crazy faces
Kamau, John, David and Enoch

Ajix stopped by to pick up a school book


Caroline made so much food. She even made green grams for me and Ryanne. (The boys only wanted to eat chapati and meat.)
We laughed so hard. We sang lots of songs. They rapped for me.
They named players from the Lakers and told me they are friends. (Kobe Bryant gave Wiki a watch.) Once again, we left so full we could hardly move.

Seriously, I love this place.

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PETE Di LALLO said...

I discovered you have very few days left in Kenya and I know you'll be very sad to leave...
just know you make an impression on every one you meet and you'll be back there soon...
now try and remember all the very cool names of some of those kids...I get a kick out of Bible names as well as Kenyan names...all beautiful sounding like all their beautiful faces...