10 July 2011

Oh, It's So Nice To Be Home...

In effort to catch up on the last week...
We brought our team from Nairobi to Kitale (a 7-hour van ride) on Sunday after church.
On Monday morning, we walked to Oasis of Hope, a drop-in center for children.There are typically about 100 children each day. Many of the children come from homes in local slums where parents are as good as absent and other children actually live on the streets of Kitale due to extreme circumstances at home (abuse, neglect, lack of food, or even death).

They come in the morning for tea and bread, receive basic education/literacy skills, spend an hour or so playing, have a healthy lunch and then go back home or to the streets.

We arrived in time for "parade" (raising the flag, singing the national anthem and a prayer to begin the week).
And then said hello to many of the kids that we love!

At break, we painted nails and played a huge (competitive) game of football (soccer).

We headed back inside, in to the church, to introduce the teams, sing songs together and watch an Oasis girls dance performance.

After lunch, we attempted to visit homes in the local slum: Shimo la Tewa, but we were rained out. We sat in the bus for almost an hour, waiting for it to let up, but it just rained harder and harder.

We ended the evening by sharing several life stories...and then sent the students to bed early.
Ready for another day!

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PETE Di LALLO said...

It's so nice to be home as in Home Sweet Kenya, eh?...and it was so nice to hear from you again after being gone for several days; a long time...we hoped you weren't lost in the jungle...a seven hour ride in a van doesn't sound like much fun; hope you had music...
best wishes and know that I love the pictures you've been taking...