10 July 2011

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old. One Is Silver And The Other Gold

On Tuesday morning, we woke up early so we could have some extended quiet time. This was the first time that we had a full 30-minutes in our schedule to spend in silence with Jesus.
With a little bit more calm in our hearts, we made our second trip to Oasis of Hope.

Harry and I were dressed as twins (not on purpose).The students loved the walk on the first morning, so we walked again...and then, when we arrived, they jumped right in: chopping firewood, washing dishes, teaching classes, running exercises, playing tons of games during break.

We broke out the bubbles

And found a parachute that was left behind by the Saddleback HSM team

After a lunch at the Kitale Club (and a beautiful view of the trees we planted), we visited Gilgal Secondary School.
Originally begun as a school filled with students from a local IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, it is now filled with students from the IDP camp, local slum, or families that can not afford school fees.

Through gifts from friends, they have found this beautiful pieces of property, which now holds the classrooms, dorms, kitchen, a church and an home for the orphans of the community.

My mother (and Pastor Steve) always said "never visit someone's house empty-handed", so we brought a giant bag of maize, which they said would be enough for four days of food.
This is Christine, who founded the school with her husband, Ben.

Our students challenged theirs to a game of volleyball.
We lost. (Even with our driver's help!)

It began to rain (surprise, surprise), so we ran in to the church for cover.

The storm was short-lived, so we came back out to continue playing...and a dance battle started. (That's normal, right?)

A few minutes before we were meant to leave, the Form 4 students returned from a day of test prep. These are the students I've known since they were in Form 1, so it was so fun to finally know some names!
Milennia and Edwin

It had been a really long, but really fun day.
We loaded on the bus and headed back to the club for dinner and debrief.

We have some sharp students on our team. There were a lot of really great questions and some incredible, tangible ways they heard God's voice and saw His faithfulness during the day.

I love this place...and I'm pretty sure our team fell in love with it, too.

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Julie Hibbard said...

"Never show up empty handed" works particularly well when you're in a third world country.
You are incredible. SO love when you're in your element.