02 July 2011

I Kissed A Giraffe And I Liked It

Yesterday was a rough day. I mean, it was an incredible day, but it was emotionally draining and mentally overwhelming.

So, today, we took it easy.

After breakfast and morning devotion, we split the group in half: the girls returned to Chamarecc (where we built desks and stitched clothing on Wednesday) while the boys went to Transform Kenya's office for the Boys to Men mentoring program. (Oh, how much I want to make a "End of the Road" or "Water Runs Dry" joke, but I can't come up with one quickly enough. Bummer.)

The boys were a little jealous that we were re-visiting friends...
they wanted to stay behind.
We played some games

Evidently, put on quite a show for the neighbors
On the way to pick up the boys, we also picked up this gem of a toy.
We regrouped at lunchtime and headed out to feed giraffe at the Karan Giraffe Center.

The day quickly became focused on lots of photos and LOTS of photo-bombing (when someone jumps in to the background...oh, you'll see what I mean.)


Grace (on her first try...she was a little freaked out)

Dida hated it

This team loves each other.
Three different team members have already mentioned that they don't want to leave their new friends; they already know they will cry when they have to say goodbye at the airport, they don't know how people could do this over and over again...and there's still a week to go! I love how they love each other!

We leave for Kitale after church tomorrow.
I can't wait...mostly because I love Kitale, but also because it means I get to cross something off of my 30 Things List!

I'm not sure about the internet situation at our hotel in Kitale, so this blog may be dark for a few days. (Parents, we'll do our best to keep you updated via the Facebook group!)


PETE Di LALLO said...

Man O man...how I loved all those photos of giraffe kisses...who knew these gorgeous and tall creatures loved to kiss?
this was a happy blog and I love to see all those happy faces...you all bring so much joy to Kenya...

p.s. Allison...a tidbit of news from Palm Springs...Sunny now lives there with her family, of course, and may know she's downloaded the Kindle app to her i-Pad...she and I text back and forth on the books we've been reading and she just finished with the 3rd Hunger Games book and this is what she texted to me a few minutes ago:
"I'm almost done...I'm on page 377 of 396...aaahhhh...I don't want to finish it.........Oh poo! aaahhhhahahahahahahhhh I finished it..oh my Lord it is so friggin amazing...aaahhhh the ending is so intense I'm tearing up and I'm going to scream...it's not sad...it's just so intense...like seriously, the last 10 words are so intense...READ IT NOW!!!!

Julie Hibbard said...

LOVE that you have internet. LOVE your stories. LOVE the love. Love you. Love.

Claire Valentine said...

hahahaha cute! hiii this is claire connor's little sister......tell connor that we all miss him and that i hope he is having a great time! i cant wait to see you.......i love youuu connor! <3

P.S connor i drank a 7 11 slurpee for you!