12 July 2011

A Tuesday And It's Overcast...

We are part of a 30-person group on the compound right now. The Biemecks (a family of six, here for at least two years), a group of five college students (Jason, Cody, Jade, Michelle and Dylan, here for seven months), Sammy (Samantha, who has just begun her one year here) and about 20 college students who are here for the summer.

There's never a dull moment around here.

As I drank a giant cup of coffee this morning and helped to wash the dishes (it was my turn), Ryanne played "Go Fish" with the Biemeck kids. (She's really loved having small kids around again, it's helping to ease her homesick heart--missing her brother and sister.)
Then we walked to Oasis...for another day.
I continued the process of inputting profiles and photos of the new kids, while Ryanne attempted to teach Math to Class One. (She decided to admit defeat and lead an art project instead.)

During break, there were a lot of monkeys in the trees.

Followed by a chorus of "Alice, take my picture!"

Sammy and Brian
Ryanne painted nails
Etao came in to grab some chalk, but I couldn't let him leave without a picture.
Dang, I love that kid.
Ryanne and I left for an in-town adventure: lunch at Lilian's! (a favorite of past teams)
We ate mokimo (corn and beans in mashed potatoes), chapati and meat stew...and drank Cokes from the bottle.

After lunch, we wandered through town, making our visits: first Mr. Soy (for a Snickers bar and Twix) and then The Kitale 2000 bookstore (to say hello...and then was invited to dinner on Thursday!)

The plan was to come home for a quick nap, iron some recently washed clothes and then go to Gilgal, where we'd be picked up by Ben and Christine and taken for dinner at their house. But plans changed...Ben and Christine had a meeting to attend, so we stayed home for the afternoon.

And now, we're sitting in a crowded living room, each on our own Facebook pages, waiting for group Bible Studies to begin. (Oh, and Torie and Cathy are trying to convince me to sing "People Get Ready"...hilarious)

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