12 November 2009

A Girl Could Get Used To This

The day began at Oasis {of course}; lots of laughter, frisbee-throwing, mandazi-eating, and organizing {okay, I think only Geoffrey and I participated in that last one--fine by me!}.

Bre and Jordan ran around while the kids waited to take their baths. {We came home with over 500 pictures from today, so I had to be selective about what to post}

Korode and Alfayo
After Oasis, we walked home to sit for a few minutes before heading out to Kibomet. We have a bag of glasses for Sister Freda's Hospital...so, of course we had to take one picture.

Moses, Leila, Steward and Bre
We headed in to town, quickly, and then out to House 2. The Class 8 boys finished their KCPE today so we brought some chocolate bars to celebrate.

Their friend, Evans, stopped by for a game of Uno.
Martin, Evans, Moses, Steward
After a few rounds of Uno, everyone started to move outside. It started as two here and two there, but soon enough, the party {and photo session} was outside.

Bre, Moses and Steward were using the water tower as a gymnasium and photo studio.
Moses and Steward
Bre and MosesShaban and Moses
The boys pair-up and do this trick: one runs toward the other, jumps off of their interlocked fingers and does a back-flip. I scream {in a mom-voice} every time. {It is really cool, but someone could easily break his neck.}
Steward flipping John
Joseph, Edwin, Moses, Pato, Martin, Shaban, Steward and Stone
Shaban, Steward, Moses, Stone and Martin
Joseph, Moses and Edwin
Bre peeking through the gate
Martin standing on top of the gate
I was a little jealous, so I climbed up too...with Moses
Though, I scraped my shin and then had to be both verbally and physically assisted in the climb down...
Joseph, Paul and Edwin
Paul and Joseph
Moses and Stone
We, again, bought sodas and mandazi for everyone...

At some point in the afternoon, Moses asked if this was the best day yet. I said any day that I get to watch them all laugh and play together and be with them is so fun for me...He said, "Okay, but this is the best day yet for me!" {To be fair, I did have so much fun watching them love each other...and I did keep a majority of the pictures they took...it was a pretty great day}

I had to fight back tears a few times today...it didn't help when a few different kids said, "Please don't go back to America! Please just stay here!" {Funny, it sounds a lot like what a few friends in America said about my leaving for Kitale...}

I love my two worlds.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I love your two worlds too...and i love that you share them with the rest of the world...