16 October 2009

We Like Chapati...We Like, We Like Chapati

Continuing our tradition of Friday night dinners, tonight we headed out to Kibomet for dinner with House 1 and 2. It was full house {and, as an added surprise, Elvis was home for the night!}

They were late in getting dinner started, so Stone took over. He quickly mixed the dough and kneaded it for the chapati. Moses, Martin, Steward and Bre helped to roll and cook them. I sat around and made jokes...While dinner was in-process, two cameras were floating around the house...
Joseph and Pato
Evans and Martin
Elvis and his ridiculously low hat
Once the boys run out of poses, anything is fair game:
Here is a picture of one of the boys' bin...complete with practically everything he owns.
Here's a picture of the neighbors. This was a real surprise photographic blessing.
I'm in the kitchen and I hear, "Alice! Come and see this!"
I walk in to find Joseph in a fat-man, business outfit.
I try my hardest to take a picture with each house boy {or house girl} when we are together...
I love the idea of watching their faces grow-up as each year comes and goes.
We had a very fun night. It's always striking to me to have conversations with these boys that make me remember where they came from {Stone mentioned something about having been the shepherd for his family's flock...or as an answer to the multiple choice question on the exam "Which is not a child's given right? Martin marked "parental care"} and then thinking about where they are now {preparing to take their National exams to graduate from Primary school.}

It's pouring rain right now...pouring. I love to sleep during a heavy rain in California, but in Kitale, it's not the same...as soon as I hear the first few drops, I can't help but think about the kids who are sleeping out on the streets, maybe under a varanda, many without blankets...it's only getting heavier as I type...It breaks me a little bit. {Sorry to end on a sad note.}

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