19 October 2009

Remember This Fat Baby?

Sweet Emmanuel lived with the Ukrainians last year on our compound.
He had arrived at Sister Freda's completely malnourished, and was nursed back to health. {You can read the story here.}
Then he came to live with the Ukrainians and was quickly ushered toward childhood obesity.
When Tanya {pictured} went back to Ukraine, she arranged for the Wanyonyi family to begin the process of adopting Emmanuel.

Sunday, when we went to Pastor Wanyonyi's church, we were able to see Emmanuel again!
He is almost two, talking and walking...
And RAN over to us with his arms in the air waiting to be held...
He snuggled right in with Bre...he was so sweet and friendly.

1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

What a miracle story! He is beautiful.
(And that butt shot is a classic!!)