19 October 2009

And It's Just An Ordinary Morning, It's Just An Ordinary Day

Bre and I spent this morning at Oasis. I typically do some office work, but since Geoffrey was out today, the office was locked...so I sat in on the class that Bre was teaching. {She taught multiplication through a game...the students loved it!}

After break, it was time for art. They each made these little pinwheels, which didn't really spin on the pipe cleaners...I stuck mine in my hair, like a flower and then it became a fun trend...After Oasis, and a quick trip in to town...and two episodes of Dexter and a freezing cold shower, it was time to do some Math tutoring.

The boys had revised their Math tests and had some legitimate questions this week...which made the night a little more fun...

We bought a "pencil sharpener" for them...which turned out to be a razor blade. I have a small "mom complex" when it comes to the boys sharpening pencils with a razor blade...and, of course, they thought that was ridiculous...so they tortured me with it all night. {Pretending to cut their face, cutting my hair, putting it in their mouths...}
The lights went out, as usual, so the boys lit some candles and eventually a lantern...Martin and Stone were taking pictures around the candle...you can see how much Steward enjoyed that.
Joseph came in wearing this jacket. Lovely, right? He said it was raining when he was leaving school so he borrowed it from a girl in his class...and then wore it all night.
Tonight, I was smiling at the boys and said, "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"
Martin replied, "A million, billion amount"
Johnstone said, "The human being can not understand the amount of love you have for us or we have for you..."

I have a month left here and already am heart-broken at the thought of saying goodbye.


Julie Hibbard said...

You are so blessed to be where you can love and be loved so very much! Enjoy each minute of being there! Thanks for always being an inspiration!

Lisa Marie said...

Oh man, I love this blog, and your heart, so much.....

PETE Di LALLO said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!
From your friends Bum, Papa, Sunny,Sarah, Elijah, Tony