10 October 2009

Come On Over

Saturday is Visiting Day for boarding schools...
Today we visited Purpose Driven Academy...which is filled with students that I LOVE.

This is Edwin. Edwin is in Class 7 and has been a part of Oasis since the very beginning. It was really great to see him today...and his English has improved so much this year.
This is Ibu...His name is actually Ibraham, but with that sweet face and long eyelashes, Ibu just fits him. He's in Class 2 and was so happy to just stand and hold my hand most of the morning.
This is Isaac. Clearly that Orange Fanta is more important than the photo. Isaac is in Class 3 and has an older brother named Abraham.
This is John...John is in Class 4. This is the only picture he would let us take all afternoon...which only served to remind me that I think I have 4 pictures of him from the entire 7 months we lived here.
Here's Isaac's brother Abraham. We call him by his last name: Rotich. He's in Class 5 and is so so smiley...I just want to stare at his big, smiley face.
And then there's Keya. {Richard} He's in Class 4 also...and will not simply smile for a photo...always a ridiculous face. One thing we love about Keya: his nose is always a little sweaty...even when it's really cold outside, sweaty nose.
There are only two Oasis girls at Purpose Driven. This is Rael. She's in Class 5 and really wowed me with her English today...she was very proud to tell me how much she has improved...she even offered to go get her teacher so she could tell me how well Rael is doing.
Shaban is the best. Once a pretty rough street kid, he is now in Class 7 and even Class Prefect. He was so kind today...and asked many, many questions about America, Daina and Chris.
Shaban and Rotich
After we took this picture, Keya ran to his dorm and came back with a picture of him and I from Christmas...he was so proud to show everyone and explain that we had taken it last year and I had left it for him when I went back to America...
Shaban in his amazing coat...
Irene is in Class 2. She definitely has the most attitude of any of the students in the room today...but has such a big heart. When we saw her today, I said, "Olivia is coming" and she misheard me...I think it took her awhile to get over the fact that Lydia was not actually visiting yet.
Isaac and Ibu
Ibu became the prop for photos...with Keya
And then with Rotich
Edwin and I sat for a while...he asked about all of his old Oasis friends
Seriously, Keya loves to make faces.
Edwin and Ibu
Carol, no worries. K Wanjals was there today, too...He just was more interested in talking to Bre than taking pictures.
We left with promises to see them all at church next weekend...oh man, how I love these students!


Ange said...

Tell Andrew I said hello! I miss him!!

Mama Oasis said...

Ok..the Lydia comment with Irene caught me by surprise....sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I can't get over the fact that I am not visiting yet either....

Please give all of my love to the kids.....miss them all and YOU so much.

PETE Di LALLO said...

I'm happy to read and see that you make it appear to be having too much fun...way to go!