09 October 2009

Friday Photos

Today was a really long, but very very fun day...
Since this morning's post was a little lengthy, and weighty, I'll stick to captions for this one...

Morning assembly to raise the flag, pray as a school and sing a few songs
Jordan shared a Bible story for the Oasis students
Today was a little chilly so we wore our hoods {Elly, me and Peter}
Sweet Etau was wearing what seemed to be an Easter bonnet
Jordan and Alfayo {who has been deemed "the King of Shimo"}
Beautiful little Lucy
On our way in to town, we stopped by the old Oasis Centre...
It was an amazing reminder of what a blessing the new place is
A once-a-week lunch in The Coffee Shop in town...treated with brownies or milkshakes after. Here is my mint chocolate chip shake...as tasty as it is bright.
Friday night dinner at House 3...these little sandals served as the welcome mat tonight.
Kamau, Isaya and David...ready to play
John...super quiet until "after dinner rap time"
Kamau with Jordan's camera
Kamau and Bre
Anthony {the house dad} loves to let us help prepare the dinner. I'm typically the chapati roller, but tonight I had the honor of actually cooking it. Well, Anthony lit the charcoal grill {the jiko}, and Bre added the cooking fat, but I used some Stone-taught techniques and cooked them up real nice.
These two little boys {Kamau, 4 and David, 8} each ate more chapati than Bre and Jordan combined...now they are showing off their "food babies": Kamau
We ended the night with tea and biscuits as the boys introduced themselves and then took turns singing, rapping, reciting poems and dancing...I'm hoping the internet is strong enough to post some of the videos tomorrow...Bre had tears streaming down her face from laughing at Kamau's dancing...
It's about 9:45pm and I am alone in the living room...the other two went to sleep over an hour ago. We may not be drinking enough water, but we are definitely getting plenty of sleep...or, at least, they are!

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