12 February 2009

Feed. Clean. Love.

Saturday afternoon was the street-kid cleaning and feeding day for the Saddleback team. We arrived at Deliverance Church to a giant group of street kids outside of the gate, knowing we are coming, and waiting for food and medical care.

Here is the crowd that was fed. Some of the schools students and staff prepared and served the food...Ugali and sukuma
This woman was so kind and beautiful. She handed me her tiny baby and said, "Take him back to America with you"...I laughed and said, "I wish. Sorry!"
This is her older son, Manu, who lives and schools at Purpose-Driven.
This is the baby she wanted me to take home...I think he could fit in my bag...and he's so cute...
Here is a piece of the washing...
Sister Freda brings her staff to give free care to the street kids. They de-worm children as well as treat malaria, infections and even burns (see below)
A few of the Oasis kids showed up for the event. They eat at the center Monday through Friday, but today was a treat for them to have a big lunch on Saturday! Here's Etau...with his old street friend, Shaban (now a boarding school kid), in the window behind.
Here are the burns I had mentioned...See Daina's blog for Simon's story.
Anthony was also in attendance. He was part of one of my favorite moments in the day: to watch dozens of bigger street boys push and shove, pull the pitcher out of my hands, yell at Pastor Steve...and then see Anthony get the pitcher from the boy and hand it back to me, ask the other boys to sit down and wait, to be kind and thankful.

He is a testament to the Oasis of Hope drop-in centre. His ability to obey authority, to remain calm and know that, despite the madness he will get fed, it shows that he has grown and learned so much from the centre. (He is also the boy that saved Simon's life)

Old friends: Etau and Shaban
Street Friends: Etau and P.I.G.
It was an amazing (but very long, emotional and tiring) day.

We all felt like this during dinner, but only Bella and Abby actually were able to fall asleep at the table!

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