12 February 2009

Prison Visit Sunday

After church on Sunday, I joined the team in a visit to the Kitale Prison. I had assumed it would be the same as usual: visit the main prison, sing a song, listen to Steve, visit the women's prison...which is typically one of my favorite parts of the Saddleback Kenya trip.

But this year, Steve changed-it-up a bit...and it was just as fun...

He organized a prisoner vs. guard soccer game in the giant field outside of the prison gates, but inside the prison walls (does that make sense?)

We brought some Sonora football uniforms (courtesy of Shawn Wallace) and the teams instantly suited-up for the game.

To be honest, I didn't watch much of the game, I was chasing kids and having cartwheel contents...oh and watching Bella paint nails:

Watching Jana be a proud Mommy
And watching Bridget play with this darling little girl
I could not tell you who won...I have no idea...but I do know that Zack "Beave" Barker got to play on the prisoner team for a while...and even led them in a team chant ("Quack! Quack! Quack!")...

I love Kitale.

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