12 February 2009

We Welcome You, Our Visitors

Saturday was visiting day for most of the boarding schools around Kitale. Daina and I took this opportunity to say goodbye to some of the Oasis kids and bring them a small treat (some sugar and drinking chocolate).

We started the day with the Kitale Family kids, but they were mad that we had not brought them chips (because they can not keep food after visiting day...oops!) So, we quickly packed up and left their mean, whiny faces. (Steward--the boy who was mean when I was teaching--said later, "I heard my sister was mean. I'm sorry. You could say my family is not very nice to you. I'm sorry for that. I'm also sorry for the other day...that was a little devil in me.")

So, we left Kitale Family to see Elvis at Manor House. EVERY kid in school stared as these two white girls talked and laughed with Elvis...he was a bit embarrassed, but was still very fun.

We wandered in to an empty classroom and took some pictures. Elvis said he sits in this classroom for every subject...so pretty much from morning to night...here's what Daina and I thought of sitting here all day...
Elvis thought my ringworm was hilarious.
Seriously...how handsome is Elvis?
I was supposed to say goodbye to him on Saturday, but I couldn't do it...so I just said, "see you before I leave" and I'll go back tomorrow to say goodbye...

After Manor House, we headed to Purpose-Driven to see some other kids and join the Saddleback team in Street Kid washing and feeding...These students were so happy to see us...and so grateful for the gifts and sodas...

Here's Keya...

And Irene

and Rotich

Oh, and I couldn't say goodbye to them, either...so my list of places to visit tomorrow grows longer and longer (as does my list of reasons to wear water-proof mascara...thank you, Carol!)

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