06 January 2009

Shimo La Say What?

These are the Shimo Sisters. (from left to right) Celinah, Jennifer and Esther.

Celinah and Jennifer have been coming to Oasis for a while now. To say we love these girls would be an understatement. I think, at least one of us has, every day since we've been here, said "Oh, I'm stealing _____ and taking her home." That's how much we love them.

When we did the Shimo house visits a few weeks ago, their house was one of the stops. That night, we met the third sister, Esther. She had never come to Oasis, though we begged them to bring her...

Until yesterday! Esther has been there two days in a row now...and already I am telling Geoffrey I want to hide her in my bag and take her home with me...

Honestly...how cute are these girls?
Crazy faces (Celinah and Jennifer are old pros...Esther will learn, in time)
We left for a while this afternoon (see above blog) and when we returned, all of these little girls were waiting to scream and yell in excitement over our return. How can you not feel great about that?
All of the girls...Irene looks mad, but she's just playing around...

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Julie Hibbard said...

I love them too. And you.