05 January 2009

Don't Be A Fool...Stay In School

School opened yesterday...first day of school. I love the first day of school: new pencils, a new trapper-keeper, a brand new outfit. What I don't remember from starting school is all of the running around and shopping it necessitates...but yesterday, my memory was refreshed.

Oasis sends 52 kids to school outside of the centre...and yesterday was the day to buy all of their supplies. Chances are, if you have been reading my blog, you saw the post about the school books and writing utensils...
19 of the 52 students are boarders. They have a long list of supplies they need before going back to school...and that's what we bought and organized yesterday.

We started the day at the wholesale (with 19 kids, why not buy everything in bulk?) Bathing soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, Vaseline, toilet paper, shoe polish...all purchased in bulk. They put the order together while we ran to the market for the single-purchase items. 100 pair of underwear (according to gender and size), school socks, toothbrushes, shoe polish brushes, pajamas (in various sizes, like the underwear), and sandals (also sized by child) etc.

Here's the back of the taxi on our way home from the store: We came home and split up the jobs: Daina took the pajamas, underwear and sandals and sorted them by kid.
I took to organizing the rest of the supplies in 19 stacks (one for each boarding kid)
Here are the boys stacks...at least the little boys stacks
Here are the completed stacks (5 rolls of toilet paper, one toothbrush, one toothpaste, one shoe polish, on shoe brush, 5 bars of soap, 3 bars of laundry soap, one kg of laundry soap, one soap dish, and one jar of Vaseline)
Then, the stacks of supplies went in the bag...on top of the supplies went the clothes...the bag was tied-up, tagged (with name and school) and put in to two stacks (one for each school).
We loaded up the Purpose-Driven Academy bags, picked up Geoffrey and Andrew and headed to the school. Here's Rael getting her bag. I'm searching for the sandals because she came out barefoot.
Here she is taking her stack of school books
Cute Keya.
IbuWaiting for the Rotich brothers to come and pick up their bags
When we finished at PDA, we went home to re-load with the Kitale Family bags.
Here's Acden with his bag
All of the Kitale Family kids (l to r): Elizabeth, Sheilla, Acden, Donald, Amos and Crydon...I have never heard a group of kids say thank you so many times...
Crydon was so excited for books and pens
Waiting as the books are labeled with names and Oasis of Hope

I came home from the day exhausted and filthy...but I have quite a few fun memories of faces and voices...

Today we get to take two new kids to school...I'm sure we'll take tons of pictures!


Julie Hibbard said...

So fun and I sure SO rewarding. Your hair looks great too!!

TheHuntsAreRad said...

This seriously had to be one of the greatest moments of your life. I am so proud!