24 December 2008

A (Many) Christmas Story (ies)

Hello...blogger does not post as I wish it would...can you please do me a
favor? To read about Oasis Christmas, in order, please scroll down and
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Once everyone was dressed in new Christmas clothes, the room was picked up, and tea with bread was served. Look at this line...it was incredible! After tea, the kids sat down to watch Home Alone. I have seen this movie, at least, 100 times...and already once this year...so I sat in the office and read a book for a while. The electricity shut off toward the end of the movie (as it tends to do around here), so the program began earlier than expected.

Geoffrey stood in the front and called kids up one-by-one to lead the group in song. We have amazing videos from the day (I'll try to post them when I get home)...I stood in the back laughing, with tears in my eyes: it was, honestly, an unmatchable experience...

Bushuru led a song, P.I.G, Etau, little Irene, Pato sang while Umi and Daina danced...and then Manu and I led a Swahili song together (well, I sang and he stood there, but the kids had chanted for both of us, so we couldn't say no)...Then, as a group, we sang "Trading My Sorrows" (that was the first song I sang at the centre this year...I'm pretty sure they think that's the only song I know).

There's one kid in every family who gets upset at the beginning of the day and can't shake the bummed attitude...I'm that girl in the DiLallo family Christmas (I think I've cried almost every year for various reasons)...Moses is that kid here. Yesterday, his shirt was too big and he couldn't find someone to trade with him...so he sat outside pouting for a little while. I went over and was asking questions and joking with him. In the end, we took this picture and he said, "Why do you always have to make me happy when I am sad?" I know, I guess I'm just a jerk.
This is Bushuru. He might be one of my favorite people on the planet. He was SO excited about his new Christmas clothes yesterday...and I was SO excited when he lead the group in song...again, I wish I could post this video because I know Chris would love it...but it is one that I will watch over and over for years...
We bought 6 cases of sodas as a special Christmas treat for the kids...144 sodas...gone within 10 minutes...Unbelievably, we all 144 bottles made it back in to the crates so we got our deposit back from the wholesale shop!
We came home exhausted and filthy from moving boxes, kneeling in the dirt to pick up tags and wrappings...but we also came home unable to stop thinking and talking about these kids...what we were so privileged to be a part of yesterday...I think, of all of my days in Kitale, yesterday was easily in my Top 5.

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Jessica Torres said...

I love that you felt so privileged to be there...