24 December 2008

All Dressed Up...

Donald couldn't quite get the move right
Smiley P.I.G might be my favorite thing ever
Some of the girls (and little boys) had left belts at home...so we found some rope and solved the problem...no big deal...

Ajix and Verity (the baby that totally hates white people)
Brenda and Ivy
This is my favorite (and, thus, the only, before and after). P.I.G.
He's the one on the right...Such a handsome young man (Evidently, for Christmas, I became a 90-year-old woman).
The older boys trying to look tough--not too excited about new clothes--but they really are stoked.
P.I.G traded both shirt and trousers with a few different boys...but this is what he decided to stick with
Collins was nice yesterday than any other day...he LOVED Christmas

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