13 October 2008

Lod-war You Going To The Mall Later?

We arrived in Lodwar after our bus ride...I'll admit, I was such a baby when we got there...I was so sweaty and exhausted from the bus ride that I wasn't ready to give Lodwar a chance. But, after a lot of prayer, a bottle of water and a hot meal, I was much better...In all of my trips to Kenya, I have never seen anything like this and I am so, so glad that I was able to experience it.

Ben taught a two-day class in both Lodwar and Kakuma...he teaches each month and this month brought us along for the experience. He's an incredible teacher: his energy, his laughter, his ability to involve the class...His love (and gift) for teaching is obvious...
We sat in on his class for a while and then headed across the road to a small school to play with some neighborhood kids.
We played jump rope
and hopscotch
they climbed trees
they chased Chris
I sat with the little girl with the broken arm
Chris taught at a church during their lunch service two days in a row and in their midweek evening service. He had only prepared two messages, but God spoke through him and stretched the two messages for three meetings. It's really fun to watch Chris preach. He began very timidly but has definitely opened up and become more comfortable. He has such an endearing personality that not only kids, but adults, are instantly drawn to him...and I think that makes him great in the playground and also great in the church.
We couldn't take many pictures because we were asked not to...so we only have these of the kids...
This is Commando...sweet name, right?
Little Joy

and this one of Chris at the breakfast table...funny and ridiculous--as always.
Matt Gillen: I did make a few jokes that you would understand, but Chris and Daina did not--so I'm excited for you to get here so I can make facilities staff jokes and someone will laugh...


Julie Hibbard said...

Love that you had such a good time, well...what ever you call this kind of trip...
I understand when you say that pictures could not do it justice. I have a LOT of those pictures...and I spend a long time explaining them to people.
There really aren't even words that do it justice.
Love you so

P.E.A.S.E. Plan 2.0 said...

one of the MANY things I love about your blog is how you let your weakness be part of the story. Those are always my favorite parts, because I need to be reminded that God wants to step into my crappy moments and change me ... so thanks.