13 September 2008

You're Sorry You Missed This...

Chris has been suffering from malaria. And I am (somewhat) heartless and made him come to dinner last night anyway.

So, we cooked chapati and he laid on the couch (which was fine--who wants puke in the chapati?--not I). The electricity was shut off on Thursday, so you could hardly see Chris in the dark living room with only two-candles-worth of light.

After dinner, the boys are all huddled in the living room laughing so hard...and I can't see what they are laughing at...when we got home, Chris went to bed and Daina and I stayed up to load photos...

To our surprise--and excitement--we found these.
I guess he began to feel better...at least enough to put on a modeling show.

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Mama Oasis said...

The "puke in the chapati" line made me remember your "spit in the ugali" analogy from the girl's Bible study...and I laughed out loud! I will look forward to a "pee in the githeri" comment in the near future!

Thanks for having the boys give me a wake-up call this morning at 6! Honestly...waking up to Martin saying "Hi Mom!" is the best way to begin a day.

Sounds like you had a blast...but, I can't imagine cooking spaghetti for 30+ kids....must have been a sticky mess!

Can't wait to see those pics.