13 September 2008

On Top Of Spaghetti...

Most of the kids were glued to the TV all day...watching first Sky High and then ShilohWe made spaghetti for 20 kids...there was not enough water to re-fill the pot, so we just put more pasta in...the water became like glue: sticky and thick. Sick. I ate it, covered in homemade sauce, so it tasted like something other than sticky pasta. The kids hated the sauce, so we brought home about a gallon of tasty, garlic-y sauce.
This boy took 178 photos and I only kept 16 of them.
Steward helped to cook the meal and then even helped to put the dishes away after...he's so great.
David was upset about the pasta...and sat in the corner in sadness until he was given a bowl of rice.
How beautiful is this face?

Chris left the party early (pre-clean-up...jerk!). We came home to find him eating a tuna sandwich and watching Veronica Mars on his laptop.

Daina and I walked home in the rain...after drying off we sat in silence for a bit.

Now we're all in the living room...Chris is reading and teaching about Rasputin. Daina is loading photos. And our conversation has been sporadic, but including such topics as: The Sandlot, Sin City, predestination, serif and sans serif fonts, and sweet tattoos.

I love being here. I know that God perfectly orchestrated this place, this time, this team. Even in the midst of rainy-day-sticky-pasta frustration, I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.


Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

HEY!! So today found a great idea for a halloween idea. So this year I'm going to go around and ask people to donate things and I am making a list of organizations to donate to and I thought of you. Is there any certin organization that I can donate to over there? email me if there is a website. Thanks!

Julie Hibbard said...

Love you!!!

Unknown said...

"The Sandlot, Sin City, predestination, serif and sans serif fonts, and sweet tattoos."
I'd love to know how those conversation trasitions segued.
But whoever said that The Sandlot was one of the greatest movies (not just sports movies but movies in general) is who I agree with on all other issues.

Mama Oasis said...

Ok...the best part of that photo of the kids watching TV (aside from their zombie-like expressions) is Paul and Moses sharing the headphones for the ipod (obviously Daina's!) while they watch TV!

Question....WHO is that kid in photo 3? And who is the kid sitting in the chair to the left of the fireplace in the TV watching pic? Did a bunch of random kids sneak in when word got out about the super tasty pasta sauce?

Oh...speaking of Daina's ipod....I realized something really funny/sad when I was speaking to Moses yesterday during my call to them after I spoke to you guys in the taxi.

Remember when Daina was so excited because Moses told her his favorite singer was Elvis...and then she made him a CD with Elvis PRESLEY songs?

Yesterday, when I was playing snippets of their favorite songs (off of my itunes) to the boys over the phone I suddenly realized that Moses was talking about Elvis CRESPO...whom I am sure you have never heard of.

He is a Latin (read Mexican) singer who does this song called Suavamente that the boys fell in love with a few years when they discovered it on my Ipod. They played it and danced to it non-stop (a la the Shakira/Black Eyed Peas phenomenon that you witnessed a few weeks ago).

Poor Daina...she was really happy to give him the CD and when I asked him about it today he said "I don't know mom....she just wanted me to hear it." Sweet Moses...too diplomatic to tell her it was the WRONG Elvis.

Wow....Kitale is the place where all Elvises (or would that be Elvys?) converge apparently.....

Will you break it to her gently?

Heather Leith said...

oh, fonts are one of my favorite things to discuss, especially with people who know them well and talk about them like a serious topic, which they are.

this is something we talk about in yearbook class daily. its so great.