12 September 2008

You've Gotta Fight For Your Right Chapati...

Lame, I know...but we had dinner with House 2 tonight and after making dozens of chapati, we had a little flour fight...so this song seemed appropriate.

Steward taught me how to roll the doughThis is chapati...so tasty
The whole team
Chapati Flour bag hat...Steward (oh, and he's standing on a bucket so he's way taller than I am)
Oh, artsy shots boys
Fake mustaches...
Martin was sad because he got flour all over his school sweater
Cute little John
We have an entire day with them tomorrow too! Should make for fun photography!

1 comment:

Mama Oasis said...

My favorite photo is Martin being sad that he has flour on his sweater.....I love that boy. Next time...tell him to change out of his school clothes before the flour flinging begins.

BTW....have you checked the price of Chapati flour lately!?!?!?

Love you...