26 September 2008

Who Loves Ya Baby?

Chris and I went back to Discover to Recover today.
When we arrived, most of the kids were in class, so we went in to say hello, but wanted to be sure not to interrupt the lessons.

After a while, it was time for morning break. The kids ran around and played games, but I sat on the wall watching. After a few minutes, one of the teachers came and sat with me.

And then Benja ran over and I pulled him up to sit on the wall next to me.

The teacher said, "You know, this baby really loves you. He knows you and he loves you."

I could have cried right there. This baby, whose mother left and whose father could not keep a job long enough to provide for his basic needs, lives in this place with twenty other kids and is absolutely loved by the staff and "mamas" of the centre, but he's also totally loved by me.

I am loved by people in CA. I have a mom and dad who absolutely love and provide for me. But I am also loved by this tiny, bald baby boy in Kibomet, Kenya.

And I can't think of anything that would make me happier.


neely said...

so sweet...

Jessica Torres said...

Reading this made me really happy that you're in Kenya...