26 September 2008

Friday Night (No) Lights

We've been making the rounds for Friday Night Dinners. Last night, we went to House 3 for, what else? Chapati and Nyama (meat).
As per usual, Daina and I made the chapati while the boys played football (how beautiful is that sky?)
and took ridiculous photos. Here's just a sampling of the hilarity. (Note: We do not set-up any of these shots. For the most part, we don't even see them happening, we find them when we get home and load the photos)

The above Note was mostly in reference to this photo...yikes, right?

Notice the CD...if you zoom in, it is actually a DVD of Jet Li and Jackie Chan's "The Forbidden Kingdom"
This house has two new puppies. And, though I actually slightly hate dogs, these puppies were so cute that I wanted to take one home. (We didn't.)
Sometimes we join in on the photo shoot:

We had a tasty dinner lit by candles and a lantern (electricity has been connected yet, they just moved houses--well, last month)...
After dinner, Chris put on a show: he was a robot (which the boys went crazy for)beat-boxed using their heads as the props for the sound effects, and even did the dad-tricks of "taking the elevator/stairs/escalator/stairs"...even Daina and I were laughing...

We're taking the morning off (I've been reading emails, listening to Frank Sinatra, and posting a few blogs...) and we're meeting the kids this afternoon at the primary school for some football and we have a Ukrainian birthday party tonight...should be a fun day!

Oh, and I finished the How I Met Your Mother seasons, so Chris is watching them now...I can hear him laughing upstairs...he claimed he wouldn't like it, but the show is winning right now.


Jessica Torres said...

Cooking so much will soon make you into a domestic diva!

Eliane said...

Alli, I just love your blog and I am so proud of you. Your pictures are fabulous and tell so many stories. Keep up the good work!!!! Imagine all the good food your Mom will have for you when you come back and her feather bed!!!!