27 September 2008

What Would We Do Baby...Without Us?

Tonight, we celebrated a Ukrainian birthday. We had delicious ravioli, salad, soda...and really tasty chocolate cake.

We dressed up a bit (Daina and I wore skirts and T-Shirts), but Chris went all-out. He wore a collared shirt and sweater.

I laughed to myself through dinner thinking he's never looked more like Alex P. Keaton.
So we took a few pictures...they might only be funny to me and my mother, but I'm okay with that.

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Julie Hibbard said...

Holy crap! Yes oh yes, your mother thinks this is hilarious!
Those top two pictures are perfect! I know EXACTLY what you were trying to do and you NAILED it!
Oh Chris, you are Alex P to a T!

Sha la la la...

Sit Ubu sit. Good Dog.