28 September 2008

That's Math-tastic!

I spent this afternoon at the coffee shop teaching 7th grade math to five boys...they have a Math exam tomorrow...and, for a few of them, this grade could mean whether or not they move on to 8th grade.

Moses had brought his textbook and a workbook with the page numbers of problems he was having difficulty with. The funny thing about 7th grade math is that most people have difficulty with the same type of problems. I have taught two of my cousins 7th and 8th grade math and explained the same problems to them that I taught today...for some reason, these are just tough areas.

This is great for me, because it makes me look really smart for knowing exactly how to solve these problems...and how to explain them. With the 5 boys today, there were only a few questions that strayed from the usual.

So, I would explain it...and then give a few sample problems for them to work on.
Each would walk away, try to solve and then come back to explain their work to me and check their answer...giving me time to explain the next set of problems to another boy, write some practice questions and then come back to the first boy. At one point, I had three different rotations going...it was great fun.

Each time they would return with a bigger smile than the last, knowing that they had figured it out and were going to be right! I love watching them understand...and feel proud of themselves!

After about two hours of working, here are the worksheets:

Moses had his own workbook, so he took his practice with him.

They are supposed to call me tonight if they have any other questions...and I will call at 5pm tomorrow night to see how they did on their exam...Here's hoping they really did learn it!

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Mama Oasis said...

I love you for this! I know that Moses really needs the help...but, I bet that Martin, Johnstone, Edwin (and I am assuming, Justice) really appreciated the coaching as well.