14 September 2008

It's 2:30 In The Morning...And That's Alright By Me

So...around 12:48, I woke up with an itchy calf.
I could hear a mosquito in my ear, so I got up to spray the room and put some cold water on the three fresh bites.

When I got back in bed, I could hear loud noises outside. Having lived alone, I have recently gotten over my fears of strange noises. But I awake from itchy bites, so I laid there.

After 30 minutes of noises, I was sufficiently freaked...so I woke up Daina.
We sat and debated what to do if it were really someone on the roof.

After another 30 minutes of laying there, we decided to get the phone ready to call for help and go check for intruders. Daina held the phone and I did my best look-around-the-corner-before
-stepping-into-the-next-room search of the house. Nobody was there...

Needless to say, we are both wide-awake now. So, we decided to blog. Why not spend our time wisely?

Now I'm off to read some Harry Potter 5 (they just formed the DA and Hagrid is back!)


Julie Hibbard said...

Yikes...can you just call over to Chris? isn't he the great protector? Where's James? Aube? Those armed guards?
Hope you are ok!
Glad you are able to blog!

Mama Oasis said...

I'm sure Chris was Lala Salama Sana during your whole episode!

Glad you survived!

Josh Treece said...

Is no one going to comment on the Counting Crows reference in the title?