14 September 2008

How Can You Not Love This Woman?

I just posted about being a mom...here is Lydia's comment.
(Lydia is co-founder of Oasis of Hope--the link to the site is to the right)

Allison...I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. I thought my life would be about volunteering in my kid's classrooms at school, baking cookies and helping with homework.

Then, somewhere in my mid-forties, after trying for years... one day I woke up and I realized in amazement...that it was too late and I would never be a mom. Devastation!

But, then..not too much later, I found out that God had another plan for me...a better plan than I could have EVER imagined for myself. And...I don't think anybody would dare to tell me that I am NOT a mom now!

So, who knows what is in store for you...you may or may not have your own biological kids. But, the truth is that you don't have to grow them yourself to be their mom. So, fear not, my friend...You WILL be a mom...I have no doubt about it. And let me tell you....there is NOTHING on earth that can compare with a kid (even a big ex-streetboy kid) looking at you and saying "Mom...."

Love you....thanks for "mothering" my boys and girls in my absence!

Cute, right? I love her heart for the street-kids of Kitale (current and former).

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