19 August 2008

With A Smile and a Kipsongo...

Today, our team headed out to Kipsongo to feed about 200 little kids from the community.

We dropped the food off, came home for a lunch of leftovers, and then headed back to help feed...We jumped right in (in our new rain boots since Stonic told us Kipsongo is covered in feces--we sang "These boots are made for Kipsongo" on the way there).

How cute are these little faces eating?

This little boy was my very favorite...his name is David and I held his hand and walked with him all afternoon...It took a bit to get him to smile, but then he was full of laughs.

This is Chris' favorite kid, Derek:
And seriously, how cute is Richard? I told him today that I love when he's around...he just laughed and said, "Oh, thank you!"

Later, when I said, "Where do you go poo in Kipsongo?" Chris and Carol said, "Anywhere you want to...it's cool in Kipsongo" (to the tune of "Anyway You Want It")


double-OH!-seven said...

that last part made me laugh :)

Julie Hibbard said...

Is that the same little Derek that we washed, fed and had to put back on the street??
He is beautiful.
YOU are beautiful. I SERIOUSLY cannot stop talking about my trip and all I saw and experienced!
Thank you SO much for posting every day!!! I love you!

Ange said...

oh my gosh that little boy is SO CUTE!!! I love little black kids, so freaking adorable!