20 August 2008

Soul Train: Kitale

Today, we met with a few women to make plans for our weekly schedule...then we ran a small group on abstinence for teenage girls...today's lesson was "How far is too far?" Yikes.

Then, we had dinner with some friends that are in town for the week...the Robisons, and Phil and Dalene Hamer...and a few friends that live in Kitale.

After dinner, we were waiting for Stonic, and we heard some dance music...
Steve said, "Go on up and check out the discotheque"

Seriously, like we needed any coaxing!

So, we ran upstairs...and danced, danced, danced. We were the only 5 people in the place...until word got out that five white people were dancing...then about a half-dozen employees came in to sit on the sidelines and watch us bust a move.

My favorite parts:

Caroline (wearing jeans that are too big and a big, baggy grey sweatshirt) jumping up and down when "Escape" by Enrique Iglesias came on...the same response she gave to Celine Dion "I'm Alive" (and she knew every word).

Then, when a homeless man came in, Carol yelled "Oh, great!" And proceeded to run/dance in a circle around this man...I had to stop dancing I was laughing so hard. (By the way, this man was smoking a cigarette in the all-wood building and threw it on the ground when he was done.)

Chris began to break-dance...actually in to the jump-splits. (Here's the conversation we just had. Me: "Is break-dance hyphenated?" Chris: "I don't know how to spell it, I just know how to do it")

We did the Electric Slide to The Corr's "Breathless"...The Kenyans did not know how to respond to that.

Oh, and they also played "Nooma, Nooma" and we went crazy...and did the dance...

Now we are blogging, and preparing to watch yet another episode of Veronica Mars...


Ryanne said...

(By the way, this man was smoking a cigarette in the all-wood building and threw it on the ground when he was done.)


Julie Hibbard said...

I can picture the whole thing! You guys are hilarious!! I can especially picture Chris break dancing...and BOY DOES HE know how to do it!! Amazing!
LOVE this post.
LOVE you!!
Say hello to the Robisons and the Hamers!!

dianasaur said...

tell phil i say hi and congratulations on getting married! also: breakdancing comes up in the dictionary on my widgets as one word...