18 August 2008

Well...Today Was a Great Day

This morning, the plan was for Steve to take Megan and Chris to three different wells that have been built recently and have truly changed each surrounding community. (Steve has given Chris the nickname "Monkey Boy" because he will literally do whatever Steve asks of him. Today, he was instructed to be the cinematographer for the team.)

We ran out to see where the people used to get their water before the well. When we saw the big hill they had to walk down and back up to get water for their family, the girls and Chris ran down...Steve and I stayed up at the top.
I took a few pictures and was showing the neighborhood kids...and they went nuts. Here are a few samples of the pictures we took once they saw what the possibilities were...

After that well, we headed to Tumaini hoping to shoot at their well, too...but then, the rain came. So, we ran in to Lilac's (pronounced Lee-lock) house intending to stay for a few minutes until the rain died down. But Gigi's hair was just too crazy...and the rain kept coming...so we stayed for a while.

An hour or so later...after pictures, hair-styles, armpit farts, stupid human tricks, dance lessons, a 2-liter of Coke and lots of laughter, we called Stonic and just came home to relax.

We read books (Megan just started Twilight and I began New Moon), watched two more episodes of Veronica Mars, played some ping-pong (Caroline and Chris daily turn the dining table in to a ping-pong table).

Connie, another woman who is staying on our compound, made Mexican food for dinner (rice, black beans, chapati as tortillas, tamale pie...so delicious, I can hardly move from being so full).

Not sure what the rest of the night will bring...but I imagine it will bring more posts...Lots of pictures, I'm sure.


Julie Hibbard said...

You are loving on the people of Kenya one digital photo at a time!! Hilarious!! I LOVED taking the kids' pictures and showing them. "Me me me me" they all said, wanting me to take their photo too.
The one of you and the girl with the hair is great.
The one of Chris and the boy with his tongue out is destined to become a classic Kenyan memory.
Love you and your stories!
So glad you got to have a "Chipotle Chipati"!!!

dianasaur said...

please do me a huge favor and give chris a hug for me! it would mean so much to me!

PETE Di LALLO said...

The Bumster and I religiously read your blogs every day...when I think of you during the day, and it's often, I re-look at them and get happy and sad, but mainly happy...seeing your always-happy smile is comforting...and the smiles you bring to everyone you meet...

Will you have someone give you a great big hug for us?

Jessica Torres said...

SO much fun!