18 August 2008

Photos I Missed

Sorry to blog in such a burst, but I need to get them all on while it's my turn with the modem...
Here are a bunch of pictures I missed in previous posts.

Stonic bringing peanut butter and bread to Andrew's mom in her home (yes, she lives in this tent in the ditch on the side of the road...she has for years):
This is my favorite friend from Bosnia. We could not communicate, with the language barrier, but she and I held hands the entire first afternoon and the next morning I yelled "Rafiki!" (friend) and she laughed and nodded and hugged me...she's wonderful:
Richard and Puppet Richard:
Steve, the pied-piper:James singing with the Bosian kids:Me and Daina:Here's how I feel after being in the back of the truck all day:

I'm sure there are a few more I've missed...I'll post as I find them.


megan said...

It's 2:36 AM and I just read almost all of your blogs about your trip. How crazy, wonderful, exciting. You will be on my blog roll to read, which will remind me to be praying for you guys.

Julie Hibbard said...

I can hear Steve saying, "Mama!"
You are so cute with Rafiki! Everyone LOVES you!! And, it's so obvious that you really love them.
Love that you post and share your thoughts and what you are doing! I am so proud of you...and a tiny bit envious!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are there!