30 October 2015

Better To Own Something Than Be Owned By Someone. Family #9: Mama {and Grandma} Yousef

One afternoon, as we stood in the front yard during recess, I asked Sammy about the home life of some of the Precious Kids Center School kids. She mentioned that there are several families who do not have money to pay school fees. These same families are, likely, so financially strapped that, during school breaks, the children often only eat one meal each day. {Since they are given two meals a day at school, it adds quite a bit of weight to the family when school closes and children are home all day long.} Initially, we had talked about taking a month's-worth food to each of these families. But, as they say, "Give a man a fish...Teach a man to fish..."

With a stable source of income, families and their children will never need to search for employment in places that may take advantage of them. And so, I've launched a program to provide business opportunities to local families. I believe it's better to own something than be owned by someone.

Today, I am excited to introduce you to the family of a Precious Kids Center student who just received a full-stock of items for a brand new shop in their neighborhood! Meet Mama Yousef.

Mama and Sho Sho {Grandma} Yousef
{ShoSho Yousef in the middle, Mama Yousef on the right}

Yousef is in Class 1 {1st Grade} at Precious Kids Center School. He is a bright student with a great attitude. His mother, Phoebe, has cerebral palsy and has struggled to maintain work and support her family. She and her children live with her mother, Margaret, and a few of her sister's children. The third woman {seen above on the left} also lives with them in the home to help pay the rent.

Sammy mentioned that this family has never paid school fees for Yousef, so she knows that money is tight. With school closing {finishing for the year--the school year runs January to November} this afternoon, I wanted to get this new business venture started as quickly as possible to make sure there would be a little money in the home for food over the next few months.

This afternoon, we dropped off $30 worth of items: bar soap, laundry soap, matches, tea, sugar, salt, and charcoal. Clearly, they were excited about this new venture...and so am I!


If you would like to be part of changing the trajectory of the lives of families like these--with a one-time gift of $30--you can do so in one of two ways:

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Checks made payable to Reaching Beyond Ourselves can be mailed to:
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