29 January 2015

A Photographic Walk Through London Days 2 & 3

My week is London was not about sight-seeing. I had a few restaurants I wanted to eat in {duh}, but my main hope for the week was to connect with friends. Each of these friends has such a huge heart for justice, mostly in their community, but also around the world. So, as we've talked about their lives {and caught up on the nine years since I've seen most of them}, we have had amazing discussions about God, the Church, worship, justice, trafficking, politics...oh, and TV shows. These conversations have largely taken place over meals and in-between {ridiculously cute} interruptions by children.

Since the last few posts have been so writing-heavy, I thought I would switch things up a bit by giving you a photographic walk through London days two and three. Here we go:

{Making necklaces with Emily on a very rainy morning}

{A walk to the Brixton market for burgers, chips, sparkling lemonade
followed by a chocolate-covered peanut butter rice crispy treat!}

{The twins scooted all over town! 
They took me to where they have music class and to their favorite park...
and only had a few minor spills}

 {Becca made us a delicious dinner while Pete and I chatted...
then we tried to take a photo of the three of us
--every picture is blurry because we couldn't stop giggling at Pete.} 

{Becca said, 'oh we need to get closer!' 
So Pete moved toward the camera, instead of to us
...which, of course, was met by more laughter.}

 {beginning the day at King's Cross station
...cue the Harry Potter soundtrack!}

{the route to Cambridge!}

{Chloe and her daughter picked me up at the train station
and took me to lunch. Isn't she adorable?} 

{Chloe is such a great mom!}

 {After lunch, we took a tour of the colleges. The grounds are amazing!}

{I want every building in my life to be made of brick.}

{Stopped at the store and Scout helped carry the groceries}

{As we walked to the car, it started snowing! 
And snowed all the way home!}

{We picked up Harper from school
and he immediately made a snow angel}

{Chloe and her friend, Caroline, have been tasked with 
Thursday tea and cake at the church in the village they live in
...homemade goodies and warm drinks--on a snowy afternoon!}

{There was no one more excited about the snow than I was...}

{Harper has a digital camera, so he worked hard to set up a shot}

{and then I took a few with my camera}

{come on! how cute is this 3/4 of their family?! 
Shame Antony had to work from London today
--hope to catch him next time!}

These last few days in London have been really, really great. I leave for Ireland tomorrow, which is certain to be incredible as well!!

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Julie Hibbard said...

So very fun to be on this trip with you! Can't wait to see Ireland!