27 July 2011

Two Weeks In Under Two Minutes

We were given the opportunity to share a piece of our trip with the "big church" at Mariners.

Here's one of my favorite stories...
Hopefully, more to come!

kenya from Luke St. Hilaire on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

i don't know if i've actually heard you speak. we've been 'friends' for several years now and this may be the first time i've ever really heard your 'voice'.
i love the experience you've helped lead those teenagers through. may God continue to bless your ministry. may our Savior further your passions and your heartbeat. may you continue to be empowered by the Spirit's transforming work.

TheDiscipler said...

was trying to look up the life in Kitale when I got to this interesting blog. Will be visiting Kitale in April and trying to gather up infos, but I guess Im a lil' too late with your blog... Great though!