16 July 2011

This Show Is Over Say Goodbye

Yesterday, we made our rounds to say goodbye.
We began in town: Soy's, Kitale 2000, Transmatt and Alakara for lunch. (One last round of chips kuku before heading back to America.)

From there, we went to Oasis to say goodbye to the boys that live there.
We took two rolls of Polaroid film in about 15 minutes and then another 100+ photos on the digital camera (with promises to print and send them.)

We were intending to stay for 20 minutes. We stayed for almost two hours.
Just hanging around...talking, laughing, crying and taking pictures.

Charles took a Geography test while we were there.

On Friday night, Ryanne had given P.I.G. a Polaroid of each of us.
When we went to see their room (P.I.G, Etao, and John), we found our pictures already taped up on the wall (surrounded by football articles and drawings).
I look like a giant compared to Ryanne...
but I'm still so flattered that it's hanging!

This is what Etao would look like with blonde hair.

We said some tear-filled goodbyes and walked home.
We found a few Oasis kids outside waiting for friends, so we talked with them for a few minutes.
Ran inside, ate a quick lunch, washed our hands and faces, grabbed Baby Bre and walked to the Girl's House for many, many photos and some more laughs.

We came home, quickly, changed clothes, uploaded photos and went to dinner with Ben and Christine. They are such incredible hosts--they already have a team of 13 sleeping at their place, so what's two more, right? We talked with the team from The World Race, prayed as a group and then they brought us home.

Some LNT (Late Night Toast) with Bre, Kyley and Dorsa...and I was ready for bed.

This morning we woke up to say goodbye to many of the team members before they went to church and we left for the airport.

As I waited for all of these photos to load, Steve and I took a picture to commemorate the 48 hours we were together in Kitale. He said, "Hurry and take this so I can make some eggs and tuna." (Gross.)

Ryanne and I are eating one last bowl of green grams (and toast) before Dan picks us up for the airport. Kitale to Nairobi. Lunch in Nairobi with the Kenyan-half of our team. Nairobi to London. London to LAX...

I don't know that I'm ever ready to leave Kitale...but I have about 30 hours of travel to prepare my heart to be back in America. Hopefully it won't be too long before I get to post on this blog again!


popshib said...

Wonderful Blogs Allison. We've so enjoyed them.
We know it's hard for you leaving Africa but we look forward to seeing you and treating you to a terrific breakfast. (conversation included)This time it will be at our "Hangout" in Huntington Beach if it's OK with you. SEE YA' SOON, lOVE FROM GRANNY & GRAMPS

Lucid Talk said...


What an amazing story you're allowing the Lord to tell with you servant's heart. I was touched reading your blog and watching your video. I can easily relate to most of the things you've experienced among the Kenyan people. I'm originally from Ghana and have experience, to some extent, the lifestyle of the less privileged. Thank you so much for the difference you're making. Be blessed as you allow yourself to be a blessing.