12 July 2010

This Week In Photos

I love Kitale.

Dinner at House 2 on Wednesday night...they were totally surprised that Bre and I were there!

Joseph and Bram studying Maths (it took explanation in English, Swahili and Turkana to understand one problem...)
Rolling chapati for 14
Robart (a boy from the Centre who lives near House 2)
Moses calling his Grandmother
John and Bre

Thursday at Gilgal Secondary School

Chris teaching Swahili to the students (sentences like "there's a fart in the house"--classy)
Sitting on the patio with my three favorites

Saturday: Geoffrey and I went to visit Martin at school.
They told us it was not visiting day, but Geoffrey called a teacher and she called Martin in to see us! He was taking a nap because he was so sad after being told there would be no visitors that day. We talked for an hour and then almost got caught by the Principal so we had to leave. I cried a little bit saying goodbye...1 hour is not long enough to see Martin!
We raced back and took the boys from the team to House 2 for dinner and dancing

Sunday: Oasis Church
Steward, Joseph, Moses and David walked me home
Bre and I went to visit Stone and Justus at school...but they were actually at Lydia's

I'm trying my hardest to fit MONTHS worth of visiting in to one week...so far, time is passing at a really great pace!

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