22 June 2010

Three More Days...

We leave Friday at noon.
It's 3:25 on Tuesday.

We leave so soon I can hardly stand it.

Here's how I feel today:
It's remarkably different to prepare 8 other people for an international trip.
I've done the "leave alone" a few times...it's easy: if I forget something, who cares?

It's so different to be thinking for 8 other people...and their parents.
If I forget something...yikes!

I'm sure it will all work out...and I doubt any parent will question my ability to travel with their child based on my forgetting to remind them to pack socks...but there is a small part of me that feels like they just might think, "Really? You lived in Kenya, but you can't remember to bring ____?"

Just one more way I am reminded that I haven't beaten my people-pleasing nature yet.

1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

I wish I could figure out where you got that people-pleasing nature...
So excited for you and these 8 other people! What a life-changing experience you have ahead for every one!