23 June 2010

High School Team Kenya Prayer Guide

June 25-July 7, 2010

Day ONE and TWO (6/25 & 6/26):
Travel to Nairobi
Pray for safe travel to Kenya. Pray for rest and calm on the long flights and layovers. Pray that God will be at work preparing our hearts and minds for ministry. Pray for the Kenyan team that will receive us.

Day THREE (6/27):
Mavuno Church Service, Meet our Kenyan Teammates & Tour of Nairobi
Pray for our bodies to be energized to jump in. Pray for friendships and cohesion between Americans and Kenyans. Pray that we would be comfortable, authentic and open with our new teammates. Pray for Mavuno Church, that God would continue to use them to change lives in Africa.

Day FOUR (6/28):
Kibera Slum visit (Zana: Girl’s project & Kibera Youth Photography Ministry)
Pray for our hearts as we take-in the largest slum in sub-Saharan Africa. Pray that we would engage and process what we see and feel in the midst of over-stimulation. Pray that we would take our questions, emotions and frustrations to God. Pray that our eyes would be open to opportunities to share Jesus with the people of Kibera.

Day FIVE (6/29):
Bawa (jewelry-making ministry), Video shoot & First High School Visit
Pray that we would be bold in our brief time and conversations with the widows involved in the Bawa Project. Pray that we would work together well during the filming and concert. Pray for our hearts to be guarded and our words to be gentle. (In our exhaustion and brokenness, conflict will arise more easily.)

Day SIX (6/30):
Building Project Day 1
Pray that our team would remember the equal importance and value of manual labor. (It can become an issue when compared to conversations from the days before.) Pray that the people in this community would see God’s heart and incredible love for them through our service. Pray for another student in the group today.

Day SEVEN (7/1):
Building Project Day 2
Pray for renewed energy and strength as we continue these projects. Pray for laughter amongst the team—as laughter brings comfort and conveys inclusion. Pray for our minds would be working as our hands are moving: that God would be helping us process all that we have seen and experienced so far.

Day EIGHT (7/2):
Morning safari drive with the entire team, Team-wide cook-out, Second High School Tour Visit
Pray for our team to be completely intertwined this morning: that we would be mixed Americans and Kenyans as we spend the day playing together. Pray that we are honest and open about the emotions and questions that have come up this week. Pray for the leaders today—as they try to balance listening to what God is teaching them and helping students hear from God, too.

Day NINE (7/3):
Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camp & Hell’s Gate National Park
Pray for the thousands of people that live in this IDP camp (since post-election violence in 2007). Pray that we would see God’s provision for these people.

Day TEN (7/4):
Teenz Konnekt Program & Drive to Safari Park
Pray for the team members responsible for each of the pieces of the service: music, teaching, games, sharing. Pray for the students who are attending the service: that they would begin to grasp the beauty of serving their community.

Day ELEVEN (7/5):
Safari, Debrief and Rest
Pray for rest during this day. Pray that our minds—which will be spinning with information, names, faces, confusion—will have some time to put things in order. Pray that God is at-work in our thoughts.

Days TWELVE and THIRTEEN (7/6 & 7/7):
Travel to Nairobi, Flights Home
Pray for safe travel back to Nairobi and then back to the US. Pray that we adjust well spiritually emotionally, and physically. Pray that God would continue to work in our hearts after we return. Pray that we would continue to remember and reflect our journey in Kenya. Pray for protection from sickness and fatigue.

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Praying and smiling and SO excited for you...
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