30 June 2010

Short and Sweet

We had an incredible day yesterday...really long, but incredible.

We sat through the devotional time of Mavuno's Staff Meeting...I spoke with Pastor Murithii about coming to live here in Nairobi. (I have an interview on Friday for an internship that would begin September 2011.)

After lunch, we began a project at Chamarek School near the church. We (and by we, I mean mostly the boys) removed all of the old tin sheet siding on the school and replaced it with brand new sheets.

Today, we continue our project: more removing and replacing tin sheets, some cement mixing, pouring and leveling, and quite a bit of painting.

It will be tough to get all of this done today, mostly because there are about 100 children that live around the school. And what High School kid would rather pour cement than give a kid a piggy-back ride? We'll see how it goes.

LOTS of pictures to come.


D.R. Martin said...

I pray for God's blessing for you on your interview and that you would have His peace! Dawn-Rene

Kelli (Mom) said...

I am so excited about all of things you all are doing there! I miss you so much Courtney and can't wait to hear everything!!

Julie Hibbard said...

In the long run, I'm sure the piggy back rides will prove more beneficial than the tin sheets and cement for both the ride giver and the rider! :) Internship in 2011?! Yeah! SO love to be living this trip with you!

PETE Di LALLO said...

How perfect an internship would be for you...it's something you always wanted to do...not simply intern but work in Kenya...
I'll say a few Hail Mary's for you on that interview...