29 June 2010

The Producers

What an incredible day in Nairobi.
We began the morning with a devotion led by Pastor Njeri (one of the women that run Teenz Konnekt Mavuno). We read from Hebrews 11 and then Njeri posed the question: If faith is being sure of what you hope for and trusting in what you can not see, what are you trusting God to do with you?"

The answers were too personal to share here...but I will tell you, God spoke to me...and I'm taking action tomorrow as I meet with Pastor Murithi (of Mavuno Church). I can't believe this is the end of our third day...it feels as though we've been here (and learned enough) for two weeks!

We left the hotel and headed toward Bawa La Tumaini (Wing of Hope). Bawa was begun by a woman named Ann. She and her small group (from Mavuno's Mizizi course--now offered at Mariner's as Rooted) visited an IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp for their serve project. Ann shared that as she walked through the camp and saw the despair she had two choices: "I could either be sad for the women, or I could do something to help"

So she began Bawa La Tumaini. Women (and even some men) from the IDP camp (and now from many parts of Nairobi) are supplied with materials to create jewelry, bags, skirts, and home goods. They are also trained in their craft to continue the learning and creativity. The products are then sold and the profit goes back to the producers (Bawa's term for the creators of the goods) to help build and sustain life.

Here is their posted Mission Statement:There were several displays of the crafts...and the students nearly cleaned them out! (Which was nice since almost every one of them as asked me once or twice if they will be able to go souvenir shopping to bring gifts home to their family.)

After shopping, the students were paired with one of the five producers that had come to Ann's today to work with us. Each student sat with a producer and created a piece of jewelry.

Dida and my new ornaments worn as earrings
Dida and Michelle pricing and comparing
Angel, Zury and Rachel shopping--the producers working alongside the shopping blanket
Preston trying a ring on for size
Natalie double-checking her "to buy for" list
Max watching intently since his turn will be next
Now trying it himself
Ryanne's turn
Others waiting for a turn
Ryanne's finished product
Maureen and one of the producers
Emmanuel loves his new bracelet
Nikolas (a producer), Max and Preston
I joined the film crew for the afternoon...just for fun
So did Eric and Emmanuel
Dida working hard on his bracelet

When he finished, Dida gave that hand-made bracelet to me!
Pastor Njeri and Maureen
Allan needed some help to get his bracelet on
Now it will never come off
Jaya's earrings

After we shopped and created, we prayed over Ann and the producers. The students really enjoyed the morning and understood the amount of skill it takes to make all of those products with quality and speed.

Lunch was served in brown-paper bags, but we didn't mind since we were in a rush to get off the lawn and in to the music video shoot!
BP's face is my favorite (the back)

In the studio, waiting our turn
Jaya, Natalie, Max and Ryanne
There was talk of African Warrior costumes, but in the end we just went with a simple T-Shirt and jean combination. (A few students were slightly disappointed, as they had been preparing for the face paint.)

The artist (actually recording now) for the song "Dance 'Til You Drop"
Jaya, Natalie, Ryanne, Max, Michelle and Courtney
The whole set-up...and you can see Dida over in "make-up"
And Eric was next
Dida was first to dance and set the bar too high...no one wanted to follow him
So Michelle, being such a good sport, was next
While Preston went to make-up
And then danced through the smoke machine haze
Zury had a special shot at the end
The video should be ready in 6-8 weeks...and I will definitely post the final product here!

We came home for a delicious African dinner and some debriefing.
We talked through what we had seen in the day...and realized that both Bawa La Tumaini and Kajiji Records (which is the label making the music video) are products of the BIG dreams of two people that followed God's tugging at their heart.

So, naturally we ended the night by discussing our first steps toward that "Big dream and trust" that we had named this morning. I love High School students...and I love that God wants to use them...

Note: I thought everyone was really tired and headed straight to bed, but as I type this, I can hear quite a few cheers and screams from downstairs...I couldn't tell you who's playing, but there's definitely a World Cup Match on TV right now.


Julie Hibbard said...

Hooray for another incredible day!! I can't wait to see the finished product...and the "making of it" video too!!
LOVE you so much!

PETE Di LALLO said...

I love your people photos, your 'narration' and especially you...
grand daddy Pete

Cathi said...

I can't wait to hear what God has been saying to you. I'm praying that it becomes even more clear and that the next steps would present themselves quickly!
Miss you so much. I had to go to Starbucks all by myself today :(