09 November 2009

You've Gotta Give, Gotta Give It Away

I've been thinking a lot about sacrificial giving.

Funny how so many things in my life have intersected on that topic this month:

----> When writing a message for church last weekend, God was tugging at my heart to talk about, to challenge people {to challenge myself} to serve through sacrificial giving {of our time, money and stuff}.

----> My church in California has been doing a series called "Be The Church...Change the World" This weekend was week 3. Each week has been so, so good. {In the message I'm listening to now, Kenton is talking about giving more than 100%...I fell asleep thinking about this last night--before this message was up online. Seriously, can you see God working?}

----> I started reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan {after finishing the newest in the Spud series...what a jump}, and in the first chapter, he reminds us that God doesn't beg for a part of us. God asks for all of us...and deserves all of us.

I love when God begins to teach me, so obviously, so clearly. When I can practically hear Him saying:

So, I'm in. I'm thinking. I'm spinning this over and over in my head...trying to figure out what this looks like for me. How I can continue to challenge myself {and, hopefully, challenge others} to live in a constant state of sacrificial giving.

Here's where the "logical" {I almost want to say "human"} side of me interjects:
How do I do this without being taken-advantage of? {By some, not by everyone.} How do I do this while still caring for myself and making sure my needs {more emotional needs than physical needs} are met?

But then I know. I know--with everything in me--that, if I choose to give to God--everything...choose to be sacrificial, that He will meet my needs. I say this not because I'm supposed to, but because I truly believe it. Even as I write my "human" concerns, I hear in my heart that those are silly worries. That, of course, God will look out for my emotional {and physical} needs. I can even feel, with complete assurance, that my emotional health will never be better than when I choose to completely forfeit my own comfort--my own excess--for the benefit of others.

Then a new set of "concerns" comes in:
How do I become a person who gives, without hesitating or bailing when I begin to feel the financial intrusion? Without shutting down when I feel emotionally drained? Without choosing to give sacrificially, but only when it feels comfortable?

I don't want to do this half-way.
I want to be in. Completely.

So, I guess I just do it...right?

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