02 November 2009

Picture This...

This weekend was filled with great things!

Hannah and Juliet {two of the three Rwandans that live here on the compound with us...two super beautiful girls in their early twenties} came home from an extended-beyond-their-control trip to Rwanda, where they had gone to get their passports so they could stay here, in Kenya, for a long time. It's been fun to have them here, though we've really only seen them for meals {Hannah has been sick with malaria}...

I spoke in church this weekend. I set-out to write a message on the importance of serving even when you feel ill-equipped...and, it turned out to be "we love God and love others. Jesus showed this love through action, through service...if we truly love others, we show it through action, through service." At the end of the message there was a challenge to give, sacrificially, this week: of your time, money or stuff; because when we give more than what we have left-over, that is when we are forced to rely on God's provision...and that is when we see huge blessings. I asked that people find me next weekend and share, not only what God asked them to sacrifice, but also how He blessed them in that sacrifice...I'll share any stories that I hear. I'm really hoping to hear stories from, not only the adults in the congregation, but also the teenagers, and even the street boys. I'd love to hear how they hear God's voice and trust Him to use them.

Sunday was Jordan's birthday. We piled in two taxis {there are 7 of us now} and headed out to the Kitale Conservancy, which is most famous for its collection of "Deformed Animals" {that is actually how it is written on the sign}. I'm not going to post any pictures, because I don't even really like animals, and this place broke my heart a little bit. You can see pictures from the last trip HERE.

Sunday night, there was a country-wide black-out. All of Kenya was in darkness from 6:30pm to about 3am and then was on-and-off for the rest of the morning. {We could only tell because the fan was on-and-off all morning.} Laila and Juliet made dinner by candlelight and I read a book by headlamp {though not on my head, just holding it in my hand}. We all ate dinner by light of a kerosene lantern {courtesy of Ayub}. We were all in bed by 9, because there was nothing else to do...it was definitely an experience. Turns out, I'd make a terrible Quaker. {If I were Kurt, I would say, "and I don't even like oatmeal!"}

Yesterday, we headed to Oasis for the morning...I worked on profiles while Bre facilitated a big craft. Jordan had the most productive morning: going to re-activate our internet. The contracts are only by the month, so we paid half the price, for half the speed of internet, since we'll only be here half of this month.

Last night, we had dinner at Geoffrey and Olivia's. Olivia is an amazing cook...and always makes enough food for 20 people, even if there are only 9 of us! While she cooked, we watched Madagascar and then while we ate we watched Juno. Watching movies with Geoffrey is always fun because he repeats lines that he thinks are funny or will laugh again later at something he thought was funny earlier in the movie. While we were waiting for the taxi, we watched the end of a Spanish telanovela, dubbed in English. Bre asked "When is the next episode on?! It is definitely funny enough to be worth watching!"

Sorry for the text-only post...pictures are coming, I promise.

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